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Shaft Machining

We realize shaft machining from Ø 30 mm up to Ø 2000 mm manufacturer tolerance. Through our shaft machining capabilities, it is possible to reach finest surface quality according to manufacturer tolerances respectively customer requirements. Furthermore, we are able to cut all current types of screw threads up to Ø 700mm.

Rotor Shaft Machining

Our current machining services like rotor shaft machining can also be executed on rotor gudgeons respectively hollow shafts, coupling halves and bearing surfaces respectively grooves with a maximum tolerance of 0,020 mm. Amongst others, we also grind compressor and turbine blades. With our mobile machines we are capable to execute machining services like turning, grinding and honing both axially and radially. The machining of complex contours with maximum tolerance of 0,020 mm is realized frequently.